The Loss.

.. picture by Mrs. Intan, that’s why sadly she’s not on frame ..

looking at these picture again and again because one of them were gone. my heart is heavy and bruises. shall we meet again? how can it feels like he’s still with us, and prostrating in our mosque?

death is so close, fast, and final. it’s so heartbreaking realizing how you are not able to ask for forgiveness from who were gone. it’s just so heartbreaking. and i need thousand lifetimes to hijra (move) from this.

may the departed soul reached heaven with light and peace. may Allah guide us and his loved ones to a beautiful patience for the loss. may we be connected by the prayers and ziarah..

… insha Allah, by The Mercy of Allah, you’ll be with the ones you love in akhira.


pictures from our trip to Dieng;



cries. my heart.

– m –


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